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Campers at Color Wars

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“Camp Fire has been a way for me to make new friends and connections and being a part of their program has helped me grow as a person. Having the opportunity to practice my social and leadership skills in a safe environment has really helped my confidence grow. Camp Fire has taught me about what it is to give community service and how to be conscious about how one’s actions can have a large impact on oneself, others, and the environment.  Over the last four years I have learned a lot about leadership, choosing good life decisions, and insight on what my future holds. Thank you Camp Fire for giving me this amazing opportunity!”

Teen WoHeLo Award Recipient

Your support today shows that you care about giving children and teens the experiences they need to become strong, healthy, compassionate adult leaders.  

“Thank you again for everything you do! You are helping our kiddo make amazing memories and learn important skills. Every year she seems to “level up” when she comes back from camp, both in maturity and self-reliance. It’s amazing to see.”

Camp Sealth Parent 

Group Program Girl in Vest

Your support today provides a welcoming place for all kids to come together to learn, play and grow into confident and caring members of society.  

“My son was granted a wonderful and unique gift. The gift of an overnight camp with appropriate staff to assist him. This is something I could have never been able to provide. He loved it! He got to be with other kids, help start the campfire, fish, hike, swim and even shoot arrows in archery! They provided him with scheduled activities and acceptance! Our family will be forever grateful and we sincerely hope that my son gets an opportunity to be reunited with his new found love of Camp Sealth and his friends-Boodle and Cinnamon!”

Camp Sealth Mother and Campership Recipient

Your support today preserves the magic of Camp Fire for future generations of kids! 

“It was truly a joy to witness my son’s love for the outdoors, camping, sports and friends all came together for the first time. I am so grateful to Camp Fire for providing this incredible camp and for their commitment to welcoming kids with special needs into all of their programs.”

Camp Sealth Parent

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