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The Hallmon Family discovered that Camp Fire is truly a place for all kids.

The Hallmon Family Finds a ‘Welcoming Community’ at Camp Fire

There are plenty of daily challenges in raising a family of five kids, all adopted from foster care and each with unique special needs ranging from PTSD and anxiety to ADHD and developmental delays. But there’s one thing that makes it all a little easier for parents Amy and Jen Hallmon — the inclusive and welcoming community of Camp Fire.

The family’s experiences began with their oldest kids getting involved in Camp Fire groups as kindergartners. After being trained in how to manage groups and adapt activities to different ability levels, a half-dozen families took turns hosting and leading group meetings. As the Hallmons added to their family — which now includes Charity, Raina, Gavin, Lucy and Alex, who range in age from 16 to 5 — they soon started going to camp, too.

“The Camp Fire community from first moment we joined it was the most loving and welcoming community we’ve ever been part of. They always made a place for all of us. Even when our kids have not been easy, nobody ever made us feel like they didn’t want us to come back.”

Inclusivity of genders and abilities, as well as flexibility in programs to meet different skill levels, initially attracted the Amy and Jen to Camp Fire. Over the past 11 years, their time at Tall Timbers day camp brought joy to the whole family.

“Everyone at camp works so hard to give the kids a great sense of community and fun and appreciation for nature,” Amy explains. “Camp Fire encourages kids to be who they are and sees their strengths. This has been great for our children, who struggle with their self-esteem and with being accepted in the world.”

“There are so many possibilities within Camp Fire and a lot of support, too,” she concludes.

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