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Inspired by Our Future Superheroes!

It’s important to set aside time to tell the kids and teens in our lives just how incredible they are! That’s why Camp Fire founded Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® in 1977 and has been celebrating it on the third Thursday of March, every year since.

This year, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is proudly presented by Premiere Sponsor SHAZAM!, in theaters April 5th!

Match the Medium to the Kid

Know a YouTube connoisseur? Make a video. A little artist? Draw a picture. An emoji prodigy? Send a text. An enthusiastic conversationalist? Make that phone call. A lover of the written word? Write a letter. Even if it means getting out of your own comfort zone, choose a format that fits the age, habits, and communication style of kid you’re encouraging.

Go Beyond Incredible

Admirable. Amazing. Astonishing. Astounding. Awe-inspiring. Brilliant. Extraordinary. Formidable. Gifted. Impressive. Inventive. Marvelous. Notable. Outstanding. Remarkable. Splendid. Stunning. Super. Talented. Unreal. Wonderful. It doesn’t have to be “incredible.” Send a message that’s as unique as the kid you’re encouraging.
And highlight more of who they ARE, not just what they do.

Be Specific About Why They Are Incredible

Sure, it’s nice to be told you’re incredible. But it’s even better to know the details. Remember that we help kids develop a growth mindset when we praise their effort, strategies, and progress. Instead of just saying “You’re incredible,” we can say, “You work really hard to make everyone in your class feel included.” Or “Your diligence in practicing the piano inspires me to keep practicing my own skills, too.” The more specific you are, the more encouragement you’ll give.

Make it Personal

Why do they matter to you? What difference do they make in your life? What have you learned from them? Is there something you wish someone would have told you at their age that you can pass on? Put some of your own story in the message, and it will mean twice as much.

Keep It Up!

You don’t need to wait for next year to make a kid’s day. Put a reminder on your calendar to follow up on the message you sent in a week or a month. Support from caring adults is a key factor in helping kids thrive. Those few simple words of encouragement on a regular basis can literally change a young person’s life.

We Can’t Wait to Make an Impact on Campers Lives This Summer!

We’re so excited to watch our incredible kids and teens thrive this summer at our community Day Camps! With 8 locations, campers from all across the region will gather for a week of playing outdoors while taking a break from their digital screens! Placed into small groups, campers will get the chance to bond with one another, as well as their teen or adult volunteer leader – The perfect opportunity for team-building, developing friendships and growing together as they try new camp activities and learn new skills!

Learn More About Day Camp

Interested in Making a Difference This Summer?

Camp Fire relies on our amazing adult and teen volunteers to make the magic of Day Camp happen for kids each summer. Volunteering is easy and fun and the best part – making a difference in the life of a child!

All of our Day Camps have opportunities for both adults and teens entering grades 8-12.

Adult Volunteers receive $100 discount off your child’s registration fee!

Learn More About Volunteering at Day Camp!

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