5 Things You're Missing If You're Not Following Our Instagram! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Camp Fire has been having fun on our Instagram for the past couple of years and we want to be sure you know about all of the awesome stuff we’re sharing there all year long! If you’re not following yet, hopefully these five fun features will bring you on as our newest follower! As always, tag us @campfireseattle or use #CampSealth and #CampFireSeattle to connect, and find us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

1. Sunsets

Have you ever seen the sunrise turn the sky completely red? Have you slept beneath the moon and stars, a pine bough for your head? We have, and while sunrises are great, our Camp Sealth sunsets are the best!


2. Throwbacks

We are reaching into the archives for some really incredible throwbacks, as well as in the not so distant past with our favorite summer memories. Be sure to catch up on our favorite Camp Fire and Camp Sealth photos from across the decades.


3. Nature Moments

Have you ever seen a sea star devouring a mussel? A deer galloping through the woods? A family of geese passing by on their way to winter vacation? We’ve got you covered.


4. Behind-The-Scenes

Camp Sealth and Camp Fire is busy all year long. Get the latest updates on events like our annual Candy Sale, registration dates, new construction, special guests, volunteer features, stories, and more!


5. Summer. Camp.

Did we save the best for last? We have fun all year long in Camp Fire, but things get especially crazy come June, July and August when our summer camps get underway at Camp Sealth and in all of our Day Camps across the Puget Sound! Hear the songs, see the Da Boata, play the games, eat the ice cream, and relish in the bright, sunny days of summer camp!