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Campers at Carkeek 1 learning some new things!
A Day Camp Volunteer leads campers in a reading activity!

Did you know that Camp Fire relies on more than 1,000 amazing adult and teen volunteers to make the magic of Day Camp happen for kids each summer? Volunteering is easy and fun! Learn more about volunteering for Camp Fire Day Camps and read on for the top 5 reasons you should volunteer!

Make New Friends

Volunteering at Camp Fire Day Camps is a great way to meet others in the community and form new friendships! Long-time day camp volunteer Christine recently shared her story on our blog about meeting her best friend at camp.  Christine loves that Camp Fire brings people together that have a common goal and passion to help kids grow and find their spark. Over the years, her group of volunteers have grown to be close friends and she says they are now a big camp family! Friendships made at camp are often lifelong, motivating and inspirational.

Make A Difference

Being a volunteer at Day Camp means you have the opportunity to make a difference in our campers’ lives! Day Camp Volunteer Shannon became a volunteer to follow in the footsteps of her influential Camp Fire Leader who she looked up to when she herself was a camper. Now in her early thirties, Shannon still continues to give back volunteering this summer as a Site Director at Carkeek Park!

Teens at Day Camp
Teen Volunteers are always popular at Day Camp!

Stay Active and Healthy

Camp Fire Day Camps are always full of energizing and fun activities that keep our kids as well as our volunteers active. Hiking, canoeing and field games are just some of the activities that will keep you moving. There is always something going on at Day Camp! Volunteering is also a great morale booster and can help keep you feeling happy and more self confident by staying active and busy.

Connect to the Outdoors

Day Camps are a great way to enjoy the beautiful parks all around the Puget Sound while giving your technology a much-needed rest! Participate with campers in tons of great hands-on activities that explore the outdoors including beach walks, nature hikes, fire-building, outdoor cooking and safety classes.


A great view from Carkeek!
A Day Camp Volunteer teaching outdoor cooking!

Full-time adult volunteers get a $100 discount on day camp registration for their own children! Children of full-week full-week adult volunteers will also automatically gain entrance into the camp of their choice and will be immediately taken off the waitlist!

Teen Volunteers learn critical leadership, communication and problem-solving skills while building their resumes and earning much-needed service hours!

YOU Make it Possible!

Learn more about Volunteering at Day Camp and find a Day Camp near you to join the fun!

Learn More About Volunteering!

Questions about Volunteering at Day Camp?

Contact Kerrie Sampelayo, Day Camp Manager, at (206) 826-8941 or kerries@campfireseattle.org.