The 2023 Camp Fire Candy Sale is Here! – Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Support Our Camp Fire Youth

January 27 – February 20, 2023

Our sellers are back in action for the 2023 Camp Fire Candy Fundraiser! Find your favorites – Creamy Smooth Mint Patties, Almond Caramel Clusters, Almond Roca, and P-Nuttles – back in stock. Every box or jar of candy purchased (or donated to the USO!) will directly support our youth, Camp Fire groups, and Camp Fire council. You can support youth at site sales, or purchase candy online!

New for 2023!

$6 per Box or Jar

While we’ve held steady at $5 for many years, the cost of ingredients and production necessitates an increase to $6. We are grateful to our manufacturers for their support and ingenuity to keep costs low up until this point, and thank you for your understanding as we make this adjustment.

Welcome Back, Site Sales!

You will once again be able to visit our Camp Fire youth at site sales around the region! View their locations on our map below, and view the notes to see when you can find our youth there. If you are making a special trip for Camp Fire candy, aim to arrive at the beginning of a window as youth often sell out of candy or need to escape the cold and may not be there through the final minute of their slot.

Thank you for your support!