We’re very excited to announce our weekly themes for summer 2018 at Camp Sealth! Each week, both residential and day camp staff will incorporate the theme into daily activities, all camp events, theme meals and more. Participation in the theme is always optional, however, we encourage campers to bring any items or costumes they have related to their week’s theme if they would like (camp also has many costumes to borrow)!

Summer Camps at Camp Sealth

Teen leader wearing costumeSession 1: Pirates of Puget Sound

Ahoy, mateys! Raise your anchors and set sail to Camp Sealth for a week all about the sea! Dress up like pirates, learn about sea creatures at our touch tanks and maybe even find some buried treasures!

Session 2: World Cup

Calling all sports fans and world travelers! This week will be focused not only on the FIFA World Cup, but also on all the countries it represents. Journey around the world with your cabin, play some fun sports and cheer on your favorite soccer team!

Session 3: Superheroes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Camp Sealth superhero! Join us this week as we enter the world of heroes where we do fun activities like making your own superhero name and costume, work together to battle villains in our all camp events, and find your own personal super power.

Session 4: Medieval Myths and Magic

This week is all about mythological creatures, spells, and fairy tales. Come up with spells and potions with your cabin, dress up like a dragon, learn about mythology, and more!

Session 5: Wheel of Themes

We are excited to announce a new, never been done before theme at Camp Sealth! This week only we will be spinning the exciting Wheel of Themes every day to determine what that days’ theme will be! Come prepared for an exciting week full of variety! Possible themes include Animal Planet, Jungle Adventure, Dinosaurs, Art, Time Travelers, and more!

Session 6: Wild Wild West

Saddle up, campers! Dive into the world of horses, ranchers and gold this week. We’ll have events and themed meals centered on the Wild Wild West, plus a special Hoedown up at Wrangler where campers can witness life with horses firsthand!

Session 7: Mission Impossible

Calling all spies and mystery enthusiasts, this week is for you! Solve a mystery with your friends, attend spy training, and see if you have what it takes to be a secret agent, Camp Sealth is counting on you!

Session 8: Space is the Place

This week we’re going to blast off into space. Dress up as an alien or astronaut, attend Jedi Training, learn about astronomy, and see if you would survive an alien invasion!

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