2016 Candy Has Arrived!

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Help our Camp Fire kids reach their goals and purchase your Creamy Smooth Mint Patties, Almond Roca, Almond Caramel Clusters, P-Nuttles and Camper Mix for just $5 each!

Learn more about our 2016 Candy Sale here!

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The Camp Fire Candy Sale helps teach our kids valuable skills in goal setting, business management, and money handling. If you’re local to Seattle or out of town, you can also purchase candy online in our candy store, while supplies last, with free local pick-up from our Seattle office!

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61 thoughts on “2016 Candy Has Arrived!

  1. Also selling at:
    Northgate QFC – 11100 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98125
    Friday 1/23 4-8, Saturday 1/24 10-4:30, Sunday 1/25 10-8

          • I don’t live anywhere near West Seattle and I go into North Seattle once a week from Monroe. I went out of my way to go to two stores you listed on your site as selling last Saturday.
            The mints I bought when they first went on sale were better than the mints I bought online the year before because they were not stale. They were very creamy and I could tell they weren’t old like the ones you send by mail order.
            It’s too bad you posted incorrect information on your site about places I could buy mints. I even checked on my mobile phone when I got to the site to see if there had been changes but there hadn’t.
            If I buy mints online, will they be fresh or are they an old batch of stored mints? Would I have to pay a shipping cost?

    • Hi Tricia! It looks like we may have some kids out at the Fairwood Safeway until 6:00 pm today. I will post the locations for today and tomorrow up above in the post too! Thanks!

      • How about this weekend? Super bowl weekend? I was a Camp Fire Kiddo for much of my life and want to be sure to support my local kiddos that are selling 🙂

  2. Sorry – change in plans – no sellers today, Sat 1/24 at Northgate QFC, However, they will be there all day Sunday 1/25!

    • I can’t track down anyone in Queen Anne this weekend, but we can keep an eye out and will include any future Queen Anne spots up above! Thanks!

  3. Anyone planning to sell at the North Seattle QFC at 15th Ave NE and 145th? I know there have been sellers there in the past, and I’d love to plan my shopping around a candy purchase. 🙂

  4. Paid my way through my CIT program back in the early 2000’s selling candy with the Columbia Council. Would love to support the process if there’s anyone selling on the Eastside(Kirkland/Redmond)
    -Emily “Derby” King

    • That’s great, Emily (Derby)! We will have kids out on the Eastside this weekend. We’re waiting to hear where our sellers will be, so check back at the end of the week for an update. Wo-he-lo!

    • Hi Emily – I posted our Eastside locations above but am not seeing any specifically in the Kirkland/Redmond just in the Renton area. Any sellers more sellers going to be on the Eastside this weekend – please chime in!

  5. hopefully somewhere in the Northgate area over the weekend?? can’t let a winter pass me by without a few boxes of mints!

  6. Sand Point Metropolitan Market on 40th Ave NE – Friday 1/30 4-8pm, Saturday 1/31 11-8pm!! Sunday we’ll be at the Northgate QFC listed above. My seller is trying to sell 1000 boxes to pay her way to Camp Sealth CIT program this summer!

    Anyone who can’t find a seller that need some candy delivered in the North Seattle/ Bothell/ Shoreline area, shoot me an email, I will happily meet up to get you some candy!! hmandt@hotmail.com

  7. Any sales happening in Redmond, Kirkland or Bothell? The cost of postage for online purchases could buy 3 more boxes. I would rather support someone selling.

  8. Hello!

    I saw some kids selling in Fairwood (Renton)last weekend but they were gone when I came out. I want to buy some candy, but seem to be missing them!

    • Hi Tricia – We will definitely have kids out selling in the Renton area this weekend. Check back Friday for the specific times and locations. Thanks for your support!

    • Hi Dawn! We definitely have sellers out on the Eastside mostly during the weekends. Please check back here on Friday for the latest store postings and hours. Thanks for your support!

  9. Looking for mints in the Kent/Des Moines area. Some girls were at the Fred Meyer on Pacific Hwy & 252nd last weekend, but not there any more. Do you know if they will be there this weekend (or any other stores in the area – Kent/Des Moines/Sea Tac

    • Hi Kay – We will look into finding some sellers in Kent for you this weekend. Check back on Friday for our updated list! Thanks for your support!

  10. I’m also looking for a Ballard/Fremont/Phinney Ridge location this week. Let us know! I was a Camp Fire Girl in the 70s on the East Coast and would love to help a group out.

  11. Hey All – Thanks so much for your interest in our candy sale! The sales runs through Monday, February 16th and you can purchase candy at our online shop while supplies last. We are waiting to hear back from our sellers to find out where they will be this weekend. So please stay tuned and thanks so much for your support!

  12. This blog has caught us off guard this year… Sorry about that! Our group has sellers in Bellevue, Issaquah, Renton, Kent and other areas too. I promise next year we will do a better job of posting where and when our kids are selling. I heard we have one group planning to sell this weekend in Seattle/Ballard area. I will post once they finalize it. Thanks for your support!

  13. Thanks so much for this feedback Gary! We are so excited to now have a place where people can find sellers and have been really blown away by the great response! Look forward to hearing where you will have sellers this weekend!

    • Hi Andrea, Lynnwood is in Snohomish Co, so we don’t have sellers there, and I doubt they have many at this point either. I live in Lake City in North Seattle and could meet up with you somewhere. Email me this weekend at hmandt@hotmail.com with your name and phone # and what you are looking for and I can call you to try to connect up with you if you are still looking.

  14. I think you posted they’d be on sale at QFC on Holman road Saturday and no one was there so got online on my phone and found another location at QFC so drove the and no one. I don’t plan on driving to Seattle Sunday. I ordered online last year and they were stale.

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