Camp Sealth’s 100th Summer’s a Wrap!

A Centennial Summer to Remember

As we continue to weather this pandemic, this summer more than any other summer in our 100 year history, our children needed a safe place to start to heal and reconnect with each other and the natural world. I am honored to share that they found it on the beautiful shores of Camp Sealth and at our five community day camp sites and parks throughout Seattle.

Thanks to our talented, dedicated and extremely safety-conscious staff and volunteers we served more than 3,000 kids and teens this summer without a single case of Covid-19!

More than 1,000 of our Day Campers participated in engaging outdoor activities and created imperative personal connections while 330 of our Teen Leaders learned how to provide compassionate leadership.  Camp Sealth honored its 100th year legacy by connecting 1,851 kids to each other building their connection to nature and discovering so many new experiences all within a welcoming, fully inclusive environment.

I am so proud of the difference that we have made for the children and families in our community during such a critical time.  This incredible feat could not have been accomplished without the support, hard work and commitment to safety of everyone in our Camp Fire family. What a difference a year makes!

Much has changed since our early days, when Camp Fire was an all-girls organization. Yet many of the principles and traditions that guided us in the 1920s still ring as true to our core values today as they did way back when.

We still and always will foster respect for others, teamwork, creativity, appreciation of the many differences that make each person unique — all things that will serve children well throughout their lives.

We still and always will believe in the power of nature and exploring the outdoors to awaken a young person’s senses, their curiosity, their desire to learn, their independence and self-confidence.

We still and always will encourage Camp Fire youth to try and learn new things, to feel safe and supported when they succeed or fail, to discover their inner strength, and to believe in themselves.

These amazing moments of self-discovery happen every summer, year after year, because of you — our generous community of supporters. We can’t thank you enough for believing in us all these years, and that we can count on your continued support as we embark on our second century at Camp Sealth.

I hope you can join us this fall as we celebrate our Centennial at Camp Sealth featuring special guests and commemorations, camp activities, opportunities to connect with alums and friends of the Camp Fire community and so much more!

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy, and take care of yourselves and each other.

Rick Taylor
Executive Director





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