Here are 10 reasons why you should work at Camp Sealth this summer!

Working at camp can be a life-changing experience and life-long memory.  Camp Sealth is hiring for our upcoming summer and wants you to be a part of this incredible team.  Camp is more than just silly songs and working with kids. Besides just having fun, here are some reasons why you REALLY should spend your summer working at overnight camp!

1. Practice Communication Skills in Large & Small Groups

Wherever you work at camp, communication is key! From coordinating schedules to sharing about the needs of your campers or yourself, we value open and honest communication in our staff. All the different roles at camp will help you hone your skills in teaching, presenting, mediating, and more!

2. Learn and Grow in Your Creativity

Camp helps you think outside of the box! Practice coming up with silly costumes, unique stories, or even just new ways to teach. You don’t have to be only artsy or crafty; there are opportunities for you to add new rules to favorite games or just try a new style of tie-dye. What kind of game could you make from toothpicks, rubber bands, and cheerios? It’s time to find out!

3. Practice Collaboration

At camp, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Whether working with a co-counselor, your supervisor, teen leader, or campers – there will be chances to collaborate and grow! Cabin groups will collaborate on planning meals, activities, and events. Specialist teams will collaborate on progressive lessons and teaching opportunities.  Learn compromise, group decision-making, and how to grow into your own leadership style!

4. Gain Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills

Working in any position at camp will require you to be flexible and adaptable. You’ll have to think critically about how you can be support campers. You’ll have to problem-solve and adjust for changes in programming due to weather or burn bans. Camp presents new challenges every week and you’ll be amazed at how you’ll adapt and learn from them!

5. Room & Board, Paid Training & Opportunities for College Credit.

At Camp, you have the convenience of living and working on-site, housing, and meals provided! You get two weeks of training to help you feel prepared and ready for your job. We also will work with you if you can get internship or college credit for your time and experiences at camp.

6. Meet Caring Mentors – Who Write Great Letters of Recommendation!

We’re in the thick of it with you! Camp supervisors and leaders are out on the job and get to see you in action. We want you to grow and will help you reach your summer goals. It just keeps getting better – even after the summer ends, we’re always happy to write recommendations or act as references who can speak to the skills you gain from your summer with us!

7. Create New Communities & Find a Sense of Belonging

At camp, we carefully build a thoughtful, inclusive, and intentional community. Come to us as your authentic self and find acceptance and belonging! Meet folks from all over the state and country – from different cities, universities, majors, and experiences.

8. Find a new, diverse experience to share!

Not everyone has worked at camp.. and with all that you can learn and do – it gives you some great experiences to share in future interviews to stand out! We also promote an open, safe and diverse community and will push you to learn and grow in being an advocate and ally for others.

9. Live & Work Safely – In A Beautiful Location

400 acres and a mile and a half of beachfront to explore! Work along with water with arguably some of the best sunsets on Puget Sound. From those picture-perfect days, to “liquid sunshine,” it’s a chance to reacquaint yourself with nature, in fact, get paid to be out in it!

10. Make an Impact

People – both staff and campers alike, will need a summer camp experience more than ever. You’re an essential piece in the development of the youth at camp — you’ll play a critical role in the emotional well-being of campers who have been locked down for the better part of the past year. Support their growth, mentor them and create safe spaces to learn and make mistakes. You’ll be remembered by the kids who you lead for the positive memories you built and the way you made them feel.

We’re still hiring for many key positions this summer. Learn more about what positions are available and apply to work with us!