10 Steps to Group Success!

Group Girls with Trophy

At Camp Fire, we want to help ensure your success as a group leader so we have created the 10 steps to help get you started!

  1. First, read the Camp Fire Leader Guidebook which will most likely answer many of your burning questions about leading a group!
  2. Complete your adult background check form.
  3. Schedule and attend a Camp Fire leader training.
  4. Recruit youth members.  Advertising at local community centers, churches and schools are all great ways to add new members!
  5. Have members register and pay their membership fees.
  6. Plan and hold your first group meeting. See Leader Guidebook page 16 for specific details.
  7. Continue recruiting members – you can add members at anytime throughout the year! Keep in mind your group can include boys and/or girls and can have varied ages/grades etc.
  8. Select an adult from your group to attend your local leader meeting.
  9. Be sure to stay informed on Camp Fire news and upcoming events!
  10. Please reach out with any questions or concerns! We want to hear from you!


Contact Rebecca Bobko at (206) 826-8934 or rebeccab@campfireseattle.org.