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Camp Fire programs focus on providing youth with meaningful learning experiences, building peer relationships in a small group setting, connecting to the natural world, valuing people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, establishing healthy lifestyle habits, and being empowered with a sense of purpose and optimism for the future. Our core values include service to the community and leadership opportunities for youth of all ages. Participants will explore the outdoors, exercise their creativity, volunteer in their community and meet new friends all while having fun together!

Camp Fire Teaches Kids:

  • Leadership, Life & Social Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • Knowledge & Appreciation of the Natural World
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Civic Engagement & Stewardship
  • Public Speaking thanks in part to our annual Candy Sale
  • Inclusioneveryone, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, is welcome in Camp Fire.

How to Get Involved

Camp Fire offers programs throughout the year for youth of all ages and their families. Learn more about becoming a Camp Fire member and our Camp Fire Group Program, join us for one of our Year Round Camp Sealth events, stop by one of our Camp Fire events, or learn about our Teen Leadership opportunities.

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Camp Fire offers various programs throughout the region along with camping events at Camp Sealth!

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